My advice for buying a cool Boombox

17 Sep

I find a cherished companion in my recent purchase – a boombox. Why? Well, I can say this for a number of reasons. I can tune it according to my mood just like a true friend who makes me comfortable in my own space while trying to give me what I need. I can play music albums from CD or DVD of my choice or tune some radio channel to get the local updates.


It gives me the flexibility of using an auxiliary input device or connects with playlist from my Smartphone through Bluetooth interface. I can party anywhere with my friends when my boombox plays our favorite party numbers just like my home stereo does.


I am fully delighted to own this cool gadget of my entertainment. Here is my advice for you to own a similar entertainer.

Durable body

Your boombox will be travelling with you. Since it is expected to be outdoors as long as you will be, get a boombox that is robust and sturdy enough to bear the daily wear and tear and a few bumpy rides.

Compatible with your Smartphone

Playlist that you have created over year of collecting music of your choice needs to be enjoyed on a device with great audio. What else is better than a companion like boombox which generates stereo like audio? Before getting a boombox make sure that it is compatible with your Smartphone or tablet to turn stored music into a blasting party.

Removable speakers

A happening party is all about great music. If you can get a boombox with removable speakers then it will be most convenient for you to just disconnect them and create a party atmosphere wherever you wish. Also ensure that the channels available must be suitably powered to provide booming speakers with controllable volume.

Bluetooth connectivity

Most of the devices available today come with an inbuilt Bluetooth capability to transfer and share the data with devices in vicinity. If you want to access music from Smartphones and other portable devices, then check for Bluetooth capability in the boombox you are going to buy. You can have access to multiple sources of music.


Works as good portable Radio

Radio transmission relayed from your local FM/AM radio station is a good option to catch up with the latest happening in your city, the traffic updates and other interesting events. So ensure that the antenna provided in your boom box is strong and tunes clearly to the transmission.