The best headphones for running

20 Sep

Are you looking for the best headphones for running? Whether you are just a fitness freak who like to likes to do some cardio or you are a serious runner, you all need the perfect headphone for listening some motivating music while on the run.

How do you decide which headphones are the best?

Here are some features that you most definitely need in the perfect headphones-

Considering all the above factors, I have compiled a list of the best headphones for running. Check them out

Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones

These in-ear headphones are for the insecure people who do not like to have their ear canals jammed. They are comfortable, secure and completely sweat-resistant too. The design is quite open giving a sort of freedom to your ears. The sound output is pleasant and you also get integrated controls and mic. Though, one major drawback is that some of the noise from the surroundings can get interrupt your music time.


Urbanears Hellas Headphones

If you’d rather have the authentic headphones, these ones are for you. These headphones by Urbanears are light in weight, attractive-looking and sweat-resistant. Since they are Bluetooth enables, the sound output is quite decent. You can even the headband or the earpads and wash them. They are quite comfortable to wear, so you won’t feel a thing when you have them on. Battery life is also quite good

Gibson Trainer Ti100

These in-ear earphones by Gibson are a bit on the costlier side, but they offer amazing sound and are built for rugged use. So, in a way you get the most out of your investment. One intriguing feature is the night light system that will come in very handy for the people who like to go for a run in the night. They are comfortable on the ears and very light in weight.


Jaybird X3

After launching X2, Jaybird has come up with X3 which offers better battery life, better sound output and also costs less. The audio performance is quite powerful with a rich bass. You get a lot of options when it comes to fitting the ear pads on your ear. The app which comes along is quite good and offers the option of equalizing the sound according to your preference. This is one of the best Bluetooth headphones available in the market today.