Boombox vs Portable Bluetooth Speaker

22 Sep

Boomboxes are plenty popular in this day and age, although they should be nothing but vestiges of times past. So how come they are still so much loved, so much that manufacturers are still making modern versions of vintage models, in order to keep the flame alive? An important contender to boombox popularity is, without a doubt, the new portable Bluetooth speakers that are now sold in all the important electronics stores, both online and offline. I am personally a great fan of boomboxes, but, in the comparison I will run right away, I can assure you that my personal loyalties will not play such an important role.

First of all, we all know that sound quality depends on many factors, and that one of them is the space needed for creating the resonance counting as bass. In layman’s terms, good bass equals the basis for good sound quality, and, without it, you cannot really say a device is any good. That is where I start when I am making my comparison between a boombox and a portable Bluetooth speaker. The boombox clearly offers much more space for the sound to create solid bass, while portable speakers, no matter how great, they cannot offer the same thing. So, if you really want to drop the bass, so to speak, my advice is to go with the good old fashioned boombox.

Another thing I noticed while I compared boomboxes and portable Bluetooth speakers was that the latter tend to produce a somewhat harsh, grating sound that is far from the quality boomboxes have to offer. What you can experience from a boombox is a smooth, clear kind of sound, and, when you are listening to music, even if you are not the biggest audiophile in existence, you surely want to hear it loud and clear, as it was recorded. This is something that not even the better portable Bluetooth speakers on the market can do for you.

You may argue that Bluetooth speakers have the advantage of being today’s most modern gadgets, so they have good connectivity and work with your mobile devices and the like. But the new boomboxes created by known manufacturers also come with all kinds of modern gimmicks and connectivity, so you do not have to worry about such things.

This is my honest opinions. Boomboxes are still superior in sound quality to Bluetooth speakers, and only the latter’s great portability makes them worth taking into consideration.